This study looks at trust and perceived credibility of scientists engaged in advocacy activities.

Here-Now-Us launched a collective project aimed to facilitate greater involvement of local populations, including populations that often expressed no interest in learning about climate change and sea level rise.

Being climate resilient as a city means eventually incorporating climate change into every decision that gets made. This is exactly what the City of Thunder Bay in Ontario is aiming to do with their Climate Ready City plan. 

An ethnographic research report from the Topos Partnership for Resource Media on Central Appalachia's economic transition away from coal towards a more sustainable economy identifies opportunities for engagement and insights into potential pitfalls. 

Americans support the idea of energy efficiency, but this enthusiasm doesn’t always translate into policy solutions. How can communicators illustrate that energy efficiency is an urgent need? How can organizations move individuals from interest to action?

A resource hub from our friends at Climate Nexus to help fight myths and disinformation around the CPP from the Obama administration. 

What kind of media articles about climate change politics motivate people to act? Are they the articles you read commonly? How can this be fixed? 

Do your eyes glaze over when you see a stockphoto at the top of an article? Does it make you think the article is going to be bland too?

A project in Seattle interviewing focus groups to understand motivations behind energy efficiency. 

A blog post by Climate Access' Amy Huva on how Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light are reaching people through faith on climate.