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Here-Now-Us launched a collective project aimed to facilitate greater involvement of local populations, including populations that often expressed no interest in learning about climate change and sea level rise.

Resource Collections

The resources in this collection explore how cultural values relate to public opinion on climate change and why understanding this connection is a key component of effective communications.

Given the magnitude of climate impacts, it can be easy to focus on the problem without offering realistic alternatives. The resources in this collection offer guidance on how to engage audiences in concrete solutions and illustrate the ways in which clean energy sources are already available and relevant to our lives.

The resources in this collection explore the attitudes and values of politically conservative individuals toward climate change and energy issues. The public opinion trends outlined in these surveys and studies can help guide communications and public engagement strategies that bridge partisan divides.

A collection of resources to help groups build support for programs and policies to reduce vulnerability, build resilience to extreme events, and prepare for climate impacts.