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The Our Voices interfaith climate campaign commissioned the Climate Outreach Information Network to test a variety of messages around climate change aimed at members of the world’s 5 main faith groups: Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jewish and Muslim. Their research revealed different frames and narrative arcs that proved effective to faith audiences, plus some pitfalls to avoid.


Changing the way we think about and use energy is a key part of addressing climate change. The resources in this collection offer guidance on how to connect with people around energy efficiency and build support for reducing our consumption and using renewable sources.

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The pope's encyclical on climate change has moved moral messaging on climate action into the forefront of the climate movement. The resources in this collection will provide you with guidance on how to engage and connect with people around the moral imperative to act on climate change. 

Given the magnitude of climate impacts, it can be easy to focus on the problem without offering realistic alternatives. The resources in this collection offer guidance on how to engage audiences in concrete solutions and illustrate the ways in which clean energy sources are already available and relevant to our lives.

A collection of all the climate communications and behavior change resources that we've featured on Climate Access, together in one handy place.



The resources in this collection explore the attitudes and values of politically conservative individuals toward climate change and energy issues. The public opinion trends outlined in these surveys and studies can help guide communications and public engagement strategies that bridge partisan divides.

Heat waves are becoming an increasingly common phenomenon. The resources in this collection include public opinion data and messaging recommendations to help you convey the connection between climate change and extreme heat.

From allergies and asthma to heat stroke and vector-borne diseases, the public health impacts of climate change are an increasing concern. The resources in this collection provide background information and recommendations for communicating a public health message within a climate context.

As extreme weather events become more frequent, these resources discuss strategies for increasing public awareness of potentially harmful climate impacts.


From public skepticism about anthropogenic warming, to the role that scientists can play as messengers, these resources tackle the challenge of communicating about climate science.


A collection of infographics that visually illustrate climate and energy challenges and solutions through compelling graphic design, as well as tips for creating effective infographics of your own.



Do the terms we use make a difference? A collection of studies and opinion pieces on the language of "global warming" and "climate change."


It isn't news that climate change is a politicized hot-button issue with partisan divisions. The resources in this collection examine the political dynamics at play when communicating about climate change and mobilizing the public to support climate policies.

This collection of resources will help you integrate the power of storytelling into your campaigns and programs.



Yale University is producing a collection of statewide surveys of American beliefs and attitudes towards climate change, including perceptions of climate impacts and support for policies. 



A collection of reports and communication guides on public attitudes toward climate adaptation and how organizations can engage communities in the preparation process to increase resilience to climate impacts.

The online world and digital landscape is constantly changing. The resources in this collection explore how organizations can build successful online climate engagement strategies.


The resources in this collection explore how cultural values relate to public opinion on climate change and why understanding this connection is a key component of effective communications.

A collection of resources on the reasons why certain industries, groups, and individuals deny the existence of climate change, including recommendations on how to counteract the opposition's influence, which often acts as a barrier to climate solutions and public engagement.

A collection of resources that address fatalism, a common psychological barrier to climate action, and strategies for motivating people to shift attitudes and behaviors.



A collection of resources from climate communications expert Susanne Moser (of Susanne Moser Research & Consulting, Stanford University and UCSC). Her research focuses on climate adaptation, vulnerability, resilience, communication, social change, decision support and the interaction between scientists, policymakers and the public.

A collection of studies from Dan Kahan (Yale Law School's Cultural Cognition Project) on how values shape public risk perceptions and why individuals debate the existence of scientific consensus.

Dan Kahan is an influential scholar and his research on the ways that individuals form attitudes about risk can help us move beyond culturally polarized opinions of climate change.


A collection of articles on the need for, and public perception of, climate change risk communication.


A collection of presentations on climate communications and behavior change from the 2011 Behavior, Energy and Climate Change conference.


A collection of articles that explore the relationship between the human mind and climate change, such as understanding our emotional connections to nature and ways to motivate action.

A collection of guides and reports on taking action to address the disproportionate impact of climate change on low-income communities and communities of color.

Selected by The Resource Innovation Group's Bob Doppelt, these resources explore the role of behavior change in tackling complex issues like sustainability and climate change.

If you're looking for messaging and framing guidance, these resources provide essential advice for climate communicators.


Since "the public" is not one entity that shares a singular worldview, these resources explore how different segments relate to climate change causes, impacts and advocacy.


The Climate Access team has curated a collection of the best climate outreach and communication resources from 2013.


A collection of what we at Climate Access consider to be the most useful and thought-provoking climate communication, public engagement, and behavior change resources released in 2012.