April 7, 2017
Cara Pike

Should the term climate change be used or not when the issue tends to be polarizing and there are other ways into the conversation such as focusing on clean energy, health, economic and job opportunities? Leaders working to build support for climate policies and programs have debated this issue for years with many avoiding the use of climate change or global warming altogether. This approach has its benefits particularly when aiming to engage Americans who don’t prioritize action to address climate disruption.

April 6, 2017
Michelle Watts

When people think about climate change, they probably think first about its effects on the environment, and possibly on their physical health. However, climate change also takes a significant toll on mental health, according to a new report ecoAmerica just released with the American Psychological Association.

March 23, 2017
Sutton Eaves

Based on strategic insights shared by field organizers and campaign managers, data from pledge sign-ons and media hits, and feedback from campaign partners, Climate Access and Oceana co-authored a case study describing the communications and organizing approaches used to block oil drilling off the Atlantic coast.

March 9, 2017
Jill Kubit

DearTomorrow is an online community of people sharing messages to their children, family or future selves about climate change action. Through letters, videos and photos, people share how they think about climate change, why it’s important and the actions that they are willing to take. These personal, hopeful messages are shared publicly on, through various media and social media channels, and finally become a part of our long-term archive.

March 9, 2017
Dagmar Timmer

How do we create effective campaigns for living well and sustainably? Where we live, what we eat, how we move around, all have an impact on the issues we care about - our happiness, connected communities, equity, security, climate change and more. Lightening our load on the planet while improving our daily lives is a worthwhile and urgent goal for the coming decade.