A bridge between research and action. For years, we at TRIG’s Social Capital Project have been hearing from climate practitioners that this is what they need. Those in government and nonprofits trying to communicate to the public about climate change say that they often lack the time and resources to digest the latest research and incorporate it into their campaigns. Similarly, researchers wish to know more about how their findings are playing out in the field. Everyone wants to know what they need to know, and to have it available at their fingertips.

Climate Access is that bridge.

In the fall of 2011, The Resource Innovation Group’s Social Capital Project, in partnership with the Rutgers Climate Institute and the Stonehouse Standing Circle, launched Climate Access to provide climate communications thinkers and doers with access to the necessary tools, knowledge and people. This is all in the name of increasing public support for climate policies and engagement in programs that help people, organizations and communities change their energy and other carbon-intensive behaviors.

Climate Access facilitates the rapid peer-to-peer exchange of information, bringing together those working on climate communications from various organizations and institutions. As such, Climate Access serves as a network of networks that fosters connection and collaboration and helps turn ideas into action. It also features the Social Capital Project’s ability to synthesize and analyze the most relevant research and campaign strategies.

The site features:

  • Resource Hub, an extensive and ever-evolving library of research, news articles and commentary on climate change communications, behavior change and public opinion
  • Collections of expert recommendations on the most helpful resources on various topics
  • Campaign Gallery, a compilation of compelling communications and behavior change campaigns
  • Blog posts on the latest and greatest developments in public opinion and engagement
  • Roundtables, interactive conversations with leading climate and behavior change experts
  • Tips and Tools that can be applied to programs and campaigns, including expert recommendations, exclusive interviews and case studies.
  • Member Forums that are moderated and password-protected and organized by sector.
  • Network Directory to help you find and connect with colleagues
Many of the features on the site are accessible only to members of Climate Access, so if you are doing climate communications work in the public and nonprofit sector or in academia, we invite you to apply to join the Climate Access network. Basic membership is free and allows you to post and view comments and participate in invite-only roundtables and the member forum. This password-protected space will allow for candid discussion within and across sectors about what is working and what’s not, and will help to connect strategic framing and outreach efforts across organizations.
Check out our guidebooks on climate communications and behavior change:

Watch Cara Pike describe how Climate Access is bridging the gap between research and action (at the Garrison Institute):